Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time To Start Thinking About Christmas ..............

It may only be September and true to say that I was horrified to see mince pies for sale in my local supermarket - BUT - I fully intend to be thoroughly organised this year.  No more last minute dashes to buy presents, no more holding my breath wondering whether a present ordered online will arrive in time.  I am reviewing my list of people to buy presents for and I'm going to make sure that overseas gifts will be despatched in good time.

So, as a start I direct you to where Ruth Clemens gives instructions on how to prepare the fruit for your Christmas Cake - assuming you are making your own.  Nothing too difficult, but with dried fruit being so expensive, preparing now will help to stretch out the cost of Christmas.  You now have lots of time to find a design to apply to your finished cake later on.

I'll be back very soon with some more tips and suggestions.


  1. What a great blog! I may copy you and put a Christmas page on both my blogs:-). I've already baked two cakes, made 9 jars of mincemeat and today prepared the pudding!

  2. Oh my - you are so organised and here was I thinking that I was a little premature! My sister was inspired by this post as well - I'm looking through all my books and old Christmas magazines for alternative Christmas cakes - I look forward to seeing your pages.