Thursday, 1 December 2011

The First Wish of Christmas

I received an email from my sister in Australia this morning - so I thought I would share this with everyone ..............

Dear God,

My Prayer for 2012 is for a fat bank account and a thin body,

Please don't mix these up, like you did last year.


So, pinch punch for the first day of the month to you all.  Day one of the Advent calendars has been opened.

Today's task is to prepare the Gingerbread House for decorating this evening by myself and youngest daughter to take to school tomorrow - raffle prize for Saturday's Christmas Market.  Pictures to follow tomorrow.

My second prayer would be for the parcel I sent to my sister on 9th November to arrive today!  Can you guess what it is I sent her in what I thought would be good time. 


  1. Still waiting for my gift, maybe its an advent calendar?

  2. I love the prayer, that's one for the cross stich embroidery I want to do in the new year! (I'm not really crafty, so decided to set myself a challenge!) Jude x

  3. Denise - you guessed it, I am so disappointed that it hasn't arrived, I thought it would have been a lovely surprise. I got the idea from The Cookie Jar who said that she sends her sister one every year.

    Jude - that's a good idea - hope it goes well, you must blog about it.

  4. Jen, Oh what a lovely idea of an advent calendar will have to visit the Post Office on Monday to see what has happened to it!

    A Trifle Rushed - "the prayer" would look great in cross stitch!

  5. I do love that ! it is a great prayer!!