Friday, 2 December 2011

The Gingerbread House

Finally we made the Gingerbread House yesterday, although I had originally planned to make it earlier so that we had plenty of time for decoration.  Anyway, we decorated it last night - spent a good hour and a half - felt rather sick at the end from eating so many sweets!  The house has gone into school this morning - hope it looks just as good tomorrow and that it sells raffle tickets!

Here are the photos, although they're not as good as I would have liked, and it's too late now to take more, will just have to wait until we make our own - next week probably.

The snowmen are looking a little drunk, but on the whole we are rather pleased with it - maybe the photographs of our own - when we make it - will be somewhat better.


  1. Jennifer, it looks fab! Mine went down really well at school, I'm sure yours will as well, and I love the happy looking snowmen :-)

  2. It looks lovely, your snowmen are great.

  3. The snowmen are the best! Great house hope it sells lots of tickets. Well done.

  4. How impressive is this. I take my hat off to all you gingerbread house makers - something to be truly proud of.