Thursday, 20 October 2011

Advent Calendars

If you want an Advent Calendar that is rather more lovely than the pathetic offerings in the supermarkets then you need to think about purchasing one very soon.   You may be lucky enough to find a good selection in your shops but I have to say that the selection near my home is very lacklustre most years. 

Of course there are many that you can use year after year whether they be a hanging calendar with pockets to fill or a box with drawers to be filled. 

Personally I like my Advent Calendars to feature a Nativity Scene.  My daughters would disagree with me, poor deprived children that they are - they fail to understand why we must always have a Nativity Scene whilst their friends have something from the supermarket!  I can't understand it.  I always try to buy them calendars that contain chocolate, failing which I have bought the Advent Chocolates to go with the chocolate free Nativity Calendar that at one time I could only buy from Lakeland but now are becoming available in several local shops.

So, here are just a few of those that I have seen online and have found to be particularly pretty.

The above two calendars are from Emma Bridgewater.

Advent Chocolates above and Santa below - both from Lakeland.

The above are just a few from a glorious selection that are available from Amazon.  Sadly, some of the detail has been lost where I have enlarged the pictures which is a shame.

I know we're still in October - but it pays to be prepared.


  1. Your right I have an ancient one I made when the boys were small, which comes out every year and I have just bought a new "heirloom" one. I will post pictures on my blog in November. (After half term, I can really only concentrate on play dates for the next fortnight, and of course, halloween baking and decorating!)

  2. I know what you mean Jude - I'm trying to get a few things sorted before next week - which is going to be manic being a taxi service and trying to do some painting for my parents!

  3. I am sorry to say my Boys have grown out of Advent calanders, but my Sister (54) has not and I buy her 1 every year.

  4. The Cookie Jar - that's so lovely, I'm going to steal your idea and send one to my sister (56) - makes you think how many other adults there are out there who would appreciate the sentiment.