Friday, 21 October 2011

Christmas Stockings

Now, before you think I've lost my marbles, posting about Christmas Stockings in October, I can assure there is method in my madness.

Next week being half term, although you will have your children with you, is a good opportunity to stock up on some small gifts for  a child's Christmas Stocking. 

Museum shops (Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert etc.) have some great little gifts, as do the shops attached to RHS gardens and National Trust houses.

Even if you just make a mental note and buy at a later date, the offerings at these institutions are guaranteed to fill a gap or two.  And why stop at children's presents?  There are so many little gifts to tempt and inspire.

Have a great half term.


  1. Jennifer, what a great idea. As I will have eagle eyes with me I won't buy, but I'll certainly note, and I can always order later on-line!

  2. Oh Jude - you have an "eagle eyes" too! Buying later online is a good idea.