Thursday, 6 October 2011

Christmas Pudding - Joy

I've just been looking on the Emma Bridgewater website - initially looking at Advent Calendars - yet another item that needs to be purchased early to get the best of what is available (this is a subject for another post) and discovered the pattern "joy" which has a beautiful pudding basin for cooking your Christmas Pudding in - what joy - some lovely tea towels and oven gloves too.  I really think I have to have one of these!  Check it out on


  1. Mmmm! They are lovely, but I've already made my pudding and I always use a Fortnum's bowl, which is just the right size!
    I might be tempted to get a tea towel , I do love Christmas tea towels:-)

  2. I love Christmas tea towels and add to my collection each year. A Trifle Rushed is very organised!!!!!