Monday, 17 October 2011

Homemade Gifts

On the continuing theme of homemade gifts for Christmas I made some Apple, Blackberry and Cinnamon Chutney and also some Grape Jelly.

Chutneys are so easy to make and for this recipe you can either see Lorraine Pascale's book Home Cooking Made Easy or have a look on the blog where you will find full instructions for making this chutney.

For the Grape Jelly - I have full instructions for this on my other blog Jennifer's Journal - do have a look because, again, this is an easy recipe and I am hoping to make further jellies using various fruits quite soon.

It's so easy to add a ribbon and label to the jars to instantly turn them into a gift that anyone would love to receive.  For jars you can look on Lakeland who have a good selection, or of course you can re-use glass jars that are empty, just remember to wash them well and keep the lids!  A little ribbon makes all the difference.

More ideas for foodie gifts coming soon.


  1. There is nothing nicer than a homemade gift.

  2. Your gifts look so delightful. I am glad you liked the apple, blackberry and cinnamon. Delicious, isn't it? I'm going to look at your grape jelly now.

  3. I agree The Cookie Jar - homemade gifts are special.

    A Trifle Rushed - yes, the chutney really is delicious and easy to make.